Psychopath Economics: The Bull & The Bewildered Herd

bewildered herd

The Bull & The Bewildered Herd – the first instalment of my book, Psychopath Economics – has been published and is available for download via Smashwords.

In it, I argue that the political and economic system in the West is psychopathic, having been effectively captured by a tiny elite whose only concern is the relentless increase of its share of wealth and power.

Part 1 gives an overview of the whole book before looking at today’s mainstream economic narrative as a belief system that conceals the unequal exercise of power, its consequences and the motivations of those who wield it.


Walter Lippmann’s bewildered herd

Using the market imagery of the bull, the faceless power of capital, and Walter Lippmann’s concept of the ‘bewildered herd’, Peter Batt argues that much of today’s economics narrative is the foundation for the elite’s ongoing power-grab. And neoliberalism, he claims, is its ultimate expression of economics by the psychopath, for the psychopath.

For a fuller description of the book, go here.

A free sample and the full version of Part 1 is available here. Quote code YK67Q for a 20% discount (expires on July 1). Parts 2 to 4 are due to be published over the course of this year.



Peter a journalist with 30 years experience of freelance writing, UK national newspaper and magazine production roles, and business development. In 2007, he developed and launched a mainstream-style green consumer magazine in the UK, called GreenerLiving, as a means of promoting sustainable change ‘within the system’. GreenerLiving closed during the post-crash recession, but Peter went on to become managing editor of the international ethical business title, Ethical Performance. However, Peter felt that the CSR sector has not succeeded in changing corporate priorities anywhere near fast enough, and so I decided to leave the treadmill of corporate employment and debt accumulation to focus on my own projects. Now poorer but a billion million times happier, he writes on political, economic and social issues – usually seriously, but sometimes as satire. He's currently writing Psychopath Economics, a book about the logic of social and economic power, belief systems, and the rise and fall of societies. Peter is convinced that ordinary people must educate themselves and exercise their economic leverage if we are to avoid social and environmental destruction.

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