Cameron’s true colours: ‘Let’s get rid of all this green crap’

green crap
David Cameron’s ‘green crap’ jibe confirms abandonment of government’s ‘wafer-thin’ green commitments.

In a volte face that’s a surprise to virtually no one, it would appear prime minister David ‘Call Me Dave’ Cameron isn’t into all this ‘green crap’ after all, if reports are to be believed.

There he was three years ago telling the great British public to ‘vote blue, go green’, and that this Coalition government would be the UK’s greenest ever.

But it’s not so much that his floral crown of midsummer flowers has slipped as, in truth, it never really fitted him properly in the first place. And even back in 2009, the Telegraph was musing on the likelihood that the Tories’ commitment to the environment was ‘paper thin’.

What with all his current difficulties with green energy levies, his biodegradable headgear must now feel like a crown of thorns (How long can I keep this hat theme going? Let’s see, shall we?).

Instead, as a protest, Call Me Dave has probably discarded his headwear in the normal rubbish instead of depositing it in the home composter or garden waste bin supplied by his local council.

On current evidence, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s also dumped the bike (no more of those embarrassing cycles into work) and is, instead, showing who’s boss on London’s roads in a gas-guzzling Chelsea tractor.


Carbon catastrophe

In between Call Me Dave’s green campaigning in 2009 and today’s carbon-driven catastrophe-in-waiting, we’ve seen the government promote the economic and environmental black hole that is fracking, while simultaneously retreating from renewable energy (investment in renewables has collapsed while the Coalition has been in power) and carbon emissions targets.

With the pitt-bull that is Lynton Crosby leading on the Conservative Party’s election strategy, it would seem the Tories’ retreat from all things green will only continue. Which is probably a good thing as at least Call Me Dave and his chums will finally be giving up the pretence and show their true colours. In which case, don’t be surprised if he dons a straw hat, as well.



Peter a journalist with 30 years experience of freelance writing, UK national newspaper and magazine production roles, and business development. In 2007, he developed and launched a mainstream-style green consumer magazine in the UK, called GreenerLiving, as a means of promoting sustainable change ‘within the system’. GreenerLiving closed during the post-crash recession, but Peter went on to become managing editor of the international ethical business title, Ethical Performance. However, Peter felt that the CSR sector has not succeeded in changing corporate priorities anywhere near fast enough, and so I decided to leave the treadmill of corporate employment and debt accumulation to focus on my own projects. Now poorer but a billion million times happier, he writes on political, economic and social issues – usually seriously, but sometimes as satire. He's currently writing Psychopath Economics, a book about the logic of social and economic power, belief systems, and the rise and fall of societies. Peter is convinced that ordinary people must educate themselves and exercise their economic leverage if we are to avoid social and environmental destruction.

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