RIP capitalism

Capitalism is dead. RIP capitalism!

It’s not often I recommend viewing an entire programme on economics, but this latest edition of the Keiser Report is worth watching.

That’s both because it’s entertaining in its own right, but also because it covers the madness that is the world on which we depend for our livelihoods, our wellbeing and our ambitions for the future.

So debased have the rules of the capitalist game become that here we are introduced to the democratisation of cheating (if the bankers can cheat, why can’t I?), and the administration of capitalism without capital.

For the uninitiated, the first half of the show is the lighter, more comedic section. But it’s worth getting to the second half with Simon Rose, of Save Our Savers, which covers the utter unfairness of economic policy practised in the UK and US.



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