Tory MP Roger Gale does the time warp again…

I’m sure Tory MP Sir Roger Gale was speaking for all right-thinking citizens when he blamed the ongoing Westminster sex scandal fairly and squarely … on muck-raking female journalists.

Had it not been for the scurrilous antics of girlie scribes, so North Thanet’s finest argues, then we would still be obsessing on all the usual things the world has to offer – like Brexit, Donald Trump’s thinly-veiled threats of nuclear war and Strictly Come Dancing.

As one might expect, his comments have ruffled some feathers across sections of the women-dominated press – such as the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Star and the Evening Standard.

Indeed, the Daily Mail article elicited some very enlightening comments. V Power, from London, for instance, put his credentials as a sexual equality supporter on the line with this gem:

Women love to be told to shut up, only then they love and respect the men. Men have always defended women from other men as well. I have asked around 30 women on a date. If all of them accuse me of harassment now my life will be ruined. Never forced myself on any of them and only asked once.

Not patronising or sexist at all, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So, perhaps the laydeez among North Thanet’s constituents will refuse to let such piffle bother their pretty little heads the next time Rodge asks for their votes.

But, then, if he’s going to describe them as “wilting flowers” for daring to speak up about sexual harassment, perhaps they should.



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