Woodnesborough fracking plan faces water contamination challenge


Fears of potential water contamination have prompted residents in Sandwich, Kent, to press for a proposed fracking site in nearby Woodnesborough to be reviewed by planning authorities.

The move, which concerns a proposed exploratory drilling operation, follows the withdrawal of similar applications by Coastal Oil & Gas in three nearby villages.

These applications were withdrawn because the company could not supply adequate information on the impact of drilling on the water supply. All four drilling applications had originally been approved in 2011.

The call to review the Woodnesborough drilling approval was heard and defeated at Sandwich Town Council. Had the fracking opponents succeeded, the town council would have notified Kent County Council of its change of mind.


Fracking risks

Along with the Environment Agency and the Department for Energy & Climate Change, it is the county councils which ultimately consider plans to explore and produce oil on fracking sites.

But the company’s decision to withdraw the three applications is interesting given the current debate in the UK over the risks associated with fracking.

For the full Kent Online story on the Woodnesborough application, click here.



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